Ok, just to spout out an opinion and my understanding of UMBRELLAS.

There often and lately seems to be a question of who is trans? Who is more trans? Who suffers more? Who has it harder? Who is an ally and who is part of the nation of trans people?

We better be a nation because it seems like we don’t quite belong any place else and are not totally wanted any where either. But the good thing is that seems to be what we all have in common. We all feel apart , somehow some always and at times lost ( or did or were ).

So instead of worrying who belongs here or who is more trans, or less trans, really trans or just kinda, just trendy or confused, let’s just try to not make other people e that day they are like us or might understand is feel bad. Let’s say, hey they are representing my cause too.

For that I (re-) Present to you the Trans Umbrella

Crossdressers are trans in that they fall under the teams umbrella. They cross the gender binary much like a Drag Queen on the other side of the ☂️.
Are crossdressers trans women or trans men , no.
People crossdress for a variety of reasons from the finding of comfort, fetish, reaction to trauma, escapism, emotional attachment, many, many reasons.

Another graphic used often is this one –

Individuals that do drag are the same they do so for a multitude of reasons from fun to profit, to political statement. Drag Queens and Kings and Bio like crossdressers will often have a nearly or totally different identity or persona to varying degrees. All of them are under the trans umbrella. Therefore they are Trans with the big T let’s say.
Just like those individuals that identify as Non Binary, GenderQueer, Genderfluid, Gender non confirming and many others that are varying and vast. All of them however at some point step beyond their assigned gender role and cross the barrier whether it be social/biological or a combination of both, depending on your stance.
But all of them fall under that same umbrella.


7 thoughts on “Ok, just to spout out an opinion and my understanding of UMBRELLAS.”

  1. Great article summing up my views quite nicely. Thank you for sharing. I have written about those transiest trans girls in trans town as well… Oh well done people will always have their own issues I suppose…

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  2. Please forgive me for wanting to GET AWAY, as far as I can, from your smoke screen.
    I have no desire nor need to be a part of your trans-plantation.

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    1. Not sure where the reaction or what the reaction is from Sock, but hey different strokes I guess. And well if you are trans you must be somewhere under the ☂️ ( I just love that icon , bit there are better metaphors I suppose.

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    1. Thanks Cynthia, I see a lot of division in the Trans community lately and whether it is valid or not I think it is unnecessary and a distraction right now when it seems many of our rights and in some cases people’s lives are being taken away.
      It is just the way I see things, the viewing is different though the kind of the nature of Trans I think.

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