So, today after an awesome meeting with a group I will be working with for a time I went to the store.
At said store there was a huge line but we were all patient, i even let a guy cut in front of me because his hands were full (he said thanks and all that, very nice).
Meanwhile ahead of us was some Juggalo (spelling sorry, kind of an ancient term) wannabe started mouthing off and immediately called the cashier “Habib” and just started demanding his money back and ended by calling the cashier ( I am thinking he was Sikh, but maybe simply Pakistani, but who knows I am ignorant woefully) a….. well as immature as it sounds “N word” ( a word is just a word yeah, but I refused to say that word since I was 10). But again it is just a word.
Well this beautiful tall young man with dreads says “what did you say?” and follows him out.
I alas became involved, I told the non-hideous I agreed with and that it was out of line what had been said.
Shortly after that was when the punches from these two large men began flowing. The bigot ran and apologized as they so often do alone in the face of righteous fury.
However I have to say that evading a punch from the “noble one” was part of my exit as well as several threats.
I simply wanted it to stop, I mean he had already “clocked ” him twice.
My goal,… nobody goes to jail.
If we could just communicate or learn that this is a priority.



Hela, Thor Ragnarok HalaSo in finding out that I have a blood-clot that is serious but treatable, and not in a serious or an untreatable area I am very frustrated with the medical communities response to it. The response being ¬†pretty much being step back, hands off, call us when it is resolved, we don’t responsibility.

This is very frustrating the personal, emotional, and financial sacrifice and submission i have put into this relationship to achieve my goal.

What to I do?

I have given literally everything, me, my life, my family, my home, my career, family, friends, home, career, finances, past, fitness, for this. I cannot stop at this point.

No estrogen he says.