Hela, Thor Ragnarok HalaSo in finding out that I have a blood-clot that is serious but treatable, and not in a serious or an untreatable area I am very frustrated with the medical communities response to it. The response being  pretty much being step back, hands off, call us when it is resolved, we don’t responsibility.

This is very frustrating the personal, emotional, and financial sacrifice and submission i have put into this relationship to achieve my goal.

What to I do?

I have given literally everything, me, my life, my family, my home, my career, family, friends, home, career, finances, past, fitness, for this. I cannot stop at this point.

No estrogen he says.


2 thoughts on “Frustration”

  1. Feel for you – estrogen and blood clot. Was the diagnosis of a clot certain? Alternatives? Different estrogen? Patch rather than tab? T-blockers? Maybe, as an individual, your levels were high? Could you be safer with lower dose?. You cannot be the only one. Is there something about you predisposing to clots? Family history? Should you be on blood thinners anyway? Please do not despair – where there is a will, there is bound to be a way, just need to find it. Hugs Linda

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    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much for your attention. Basically I had noticed swelling and soreness for weeks or maybe even months. A really good friend who happens to be a long term nurse noticed a limp as she was staying over and demanded observation.She said “likely a clot, go to urgent care”. Scared of the consequences I did 2 day’s later. After an ultrasound and Dr’s visit the verdict was yes. Left knee down to foot. I was told to confirm treatment with endo/gender care provider from U of M Gender services. At first they totally blew me off and said this is a primary care physician issue. Two days later they contacted me with an urgent marker and when I made contact said stop Estro, all estro scripts are blocked. I asked about alternatives and they said they will have to see. My next appt is in late June. Are we just easy cash-cows for the Drs.?


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