A new approach to Transition, “Through the forest to reach the shores.”

My approach to Transition has been a different one than most have taken. I will try to describe more of it as I go on as well as other issues that ultimately relate to my sense of self as a holistic concept.

Many trans individuals i know want work hard on passing and really want or need physical affirmation (compliments and such) I walked into transition knowing full well that I would not be perceived as my proper Gender.The photo next is a of me at a great event put forth and organized by several friends I know.  The date was October 11th and was about 4 months into Spiroacterone  and 3 months of Estradiol. obviously I am still not passable. But more importantly than whether I fool people is the fact that in the photo I do not think I present attractive but I do feel that i presented “me” well and that it is all me. The training day marked the first day of my next step which was to start put some focus on my presentation as a trans woman. Which I feel is much more important. If people will stare (as almost all of them do) then let them stare or mock me for what is authentically me,  not an image I am trying to fabricate.Trans leadership Training Oct11th,2014 3 Caitlyn squinting

i am trying to walk up to the gates of Womanhood as someone who earned their way there after walking through a forest of doubts and self perception that I think are  shaping me into a more authentic and more powerful self.

Trans attention, Union is important

OK, starting this whole Blog thing has been intimidating so this is my low effort start directly from my facebook. Controversial a little among the trans community. Go to my page if you want to see the commentary that follows. i value the opinion of my friends that commented and do not feel it is my right to share their opinion here at this point.


This is all true. But even though I am not a Silverman fan I do not believe this is was what she intended and our criticism although valid really detracts from her point about the women’s issue she is addressing. Ideally she would have added that in the end though being transgender would not help either and only make things worse. But the ad was not perfect or all inclusive. Overall a good deed and meant to address a need. Thanks to Sarah overall.